Monday, October 12, 2015

Un-originality - 2 August 2015

I email you all from Viti Levu. We have finally come in after 26 days. We had much success with-in this time. Rest 2 days, then start again.

We had to change plans, and did not travel to Moturiki this week. Mid-week, we were in a lesson on the Law of chastity and word of wisdom with the same 75-year-old from last week. He is a bit deaf, so just after Elder Kubera shared, I was about to speak, when he thanked us for coming, and shared stuff people normally say at the end, but then he said loudly, "Masu!" which is pray. Then he prayed to close. Everyone was confused, and just bowed their heads. Afterwards they laughed a bit, but we asked if there were any questions, and did a quick follow-up to make sure he remembers.

This week, we were confronted by a Pastor of another church. He came up to me with a familiar scripture, that was told to me while in Lautoka. The man said that we were quote "of the devil." Well when he quoted the scripture, I recognized it. I was sad that it was not original. He re-used the same scripture to tell me I was of the devil. We asked where the info came, he said you can find it anywhere, and he got it from members that left our church....... Great source of info. Well he was very misinformed, and would not let me give words, so I said "thank you for the meeting" as I reached my hand to shake his hand. He refused it ha ha.

We saw him later in the week in a taxi, we waved, but he ignored us. Whatever though, life moves on.