Monday, October 12, 2015

Another day at the office - 4 October 2015

I will start with meetings. We had to do our DLC and MLC meetings this week. It is goal setting, and improving really. I hit my head Thursday morning, so I have this scratch on my head. People have been looking at me funny, wondering what happened.

Friday was cool. We went to Navua for exchanges. I went with a brand new missionary named Elder Levasa. He was way cool. Then I interviewed some one for baptism while there. We had 3 appointments that night. The next morning we had lunch at uprising. Elder Iosia was telling us about it, and my companion had been there before I think. I got this big burger while there I will put in a picture. It was a really nice place, but probably not one to go to for at least a while. Might not go, mostly cause we went only for exchanges, and Navua is the farthest place of our zone.

Other things that have happened I am not sure if I mentioned we had a baptism right after I got here. We are preparing for another baptism on the 17th, and another on the 24th. We just got some more people, that we are planning for the 2nd week of November. Schedule will be really busy to the end. Lots to plan for over the next 5 months. 

I will keep you all in all details, sorry if I am short on them. It seems relevant only at the time for me to share it, then I forget by Monday, then remember throughout the week, and think, " well to late now." 

Enjoy your Week!

Elder MacLeod

Yes. I ate the whole thing!

At the Mission Office