Monday, October 12, 2015

Candle Light - 13 September 2015

This week was filled with a candle lit dinner, going to 2 church sessions, and a baptism. 

The start of the week, was the first training I had to give. Well I figured all these missionaries know how to do stuff, so we put it to practice. Each one had to get up and try selling an items to the group. That had to be interesting enough for us to want it. We scored them out of 100, on the categories: Creativity, Difficulty, Interesting, and Explanatory. The first scored low, we ended we 3 Fs and two As. It was a good day overall though. 

The following days were tedious stuff done for baptism preparation. I went with Elder Tu'i from my intake at the MTC on exchanges for him to interview Marika (the baptisee) we slept at the chapel, and since there is no electricity we had a candle light dinner.

Friday we rode up to Saioko where we met a man that when he saw the Smiths come he made us lunch, and invited us over all the time. We will try and see him when we can. Next week is difficult since we will be going to Levuka for exchange. We will get the Tuesday night, and come back Friday morning.

Not much stories these days, just the simple funny things that you run into.

Elder MacLeod