Monday, October 12, 2015

Bureiwai - 6 September 2015

This was a good week for Burewai, we got the record without a truck! This place is interesting, we planned with the Smiths (A senior missionary couple assigned to work the MLS in the area) to travel to the Ra providence. That entails Bureiwai and Saioko.

While out there I had to trnslate the temple classes for the Smiths. He went through all of lesson one, then looked at me. Not only did I have to translate, I had to remember the whole lesson on the Spot. It went well though.

I have been working on learning the Ra dialect, it goes a little like this conversation "Kemudou sa vano evei? Kei'ou sa vano sara e vale, me cava? Me lesu 'ale ka vasaga." A few change in words, but then they don't use ts hence the apostrophe.

This week was very fun, on an express bus I saw a little of the new Jurassic park. It looked pretty good, so I will add that to the bucket list-----------I now interrupt this to inform you of a current event, A missionary just broke one of the chairs and slammed the ground, picture below.

We had church in Burewwai I will show a picture of the Chapel, I have to teach Sunday school on a whim. I was volun-told by the Smiths hahaha, It went well though.

Elder MacLeod