Monday, October 12, 2015

Sasa Wars - 28 Jun 2015

Another good week for missionary work. Never a shortage of rocking it! Let me jump right in!
We started with a Branch activity. We had a few non-members there, and a large portion of the branch. It ended up being worth our efforts when we had much success through-out the week.
We went to Moturiki again and found 8 new people to teach in a day. They were very nice, and we are slowly getting to know everyone on Moturiki.

The Head-Master invited us to talk with the students, it was very strange.... They said to "bula vinaka saka" which is a form of respect given to that of a king, or governing official of high-rank, I was very uncomfortable with it..... but we moved on.

Later in the week we were walking into Baba where we found a member raking her yard, we immediately through down our bags to help. I later had a sword fight with a sasa (broom) then the kids had the 2 sasas and proceeded to try and beat me with sasas.

We have eaten much fish boiled in coconut this week. I think it is a sign of appreciation from the members, and others we sit with. Transfer call is tomorrow, and we know what that means!

Elder MacLeod