Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wood works?

I am guessing the expression was about bus crawling out of the wood works. Regardless, that is what has been happening as of lately. As for the work at this place, let us suffice to say, that we don't have enough time to see all our people each week....

We had my most productive week so far last week. It was not a lot, but it was met with purpose in through-out it all. 

In other news, we were walking back when a truck stopped to pick us up. He said that there was a snake right ahead of us. The Sea Krait. It was a very size-ly snake, that would probably be around the size of a bull-snake we would see back home. E. Kubera was very shocked of the occurrence, but I know these snakes to be non-aggressive. 

We were met with a drunk guy in the street trying to claim to be our ward-mission leader. Well first off we are a branch, and secondly, we don't even have a branch mission leader. We are in the process of getting people for callings. We don't have to many. That is the cycle. Sometimes I just wish I was at the start again, where we had built it all up so strong that it started to work on its own. I am not called to that work. I am called to build things from nothing.

Elder MacLeod

We had lunch with an investigator. It was a late celebration for E. Kubera's 19th birthday.