Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let’s Start with a Story

Let me go ahead and start with the story. 
So it was a very dark morning as we rose at 3:00 am to catch our boat. We got on the boat, and arrived in Viti Levu at 6:30 am. We went with the Korovou Elders around to their appointments. We came across a place called Sotei/Naitokatoka. As we pondered on the slippery path we walked, we came across the bridge. Which was just a fallen palm tree. It was very muddy, and our shoes/feet were wet (my feet remained dry, cause I chose to where shoes). E. Danielson lead, followed by E. Kubera (my comp). As he nearly crossed he placed the bamboo to far down, and fell straight. Luckily he landed on his butt, but it looked like it may have hurt, I tried to video tape it, but my camera did not have battery to do so, so I got a pic instead. I was last to cross, and first back. No issues. Except my sulu broke during this journey. Easy fix, but I had to swap to another. Luckily another one awaited me at their truck.

We were not in Ovalau for a large chunk of the week. We had Zone Conference. I will have a picture of my zone below. It was about the Book of Mormon. Really expressing its importance. It is true though, to really know the truth of the message, you have to read the evidence we have. That is really the only tangible evidence the church has for proof of the troof! 

I hope you are all well. I have another zone meeting.

I will send general pics. I have no idea what we really did. It was fast though. I think it was a lot of travel.

Elder MacLeod
Palm Tree Bridge

Wandering in Lomalagi Lailai

Northern Zone Conference 2015