Sunday, June 14, 2015

Classic Fiji

Right so this was for the most part an average week, It had its events, of which I will not share via email. Sorry to the lot of you, this is one that I hold to me, and share on occasion as fitting.

We started the week still on Viti Levu. It was fun to be with everyone. I received the May package with "Meet the Mormans" we are having a branch activity to watch it next Monday now. I took some videos of kids eating some warheads as well. Haha that is always great. The facial expression of the initial bitterness.

As for work, we are making it more meaningful. We have done much work, but it was not as effective as it could be. We are now doing more effective things, and putting only priorities on our very busy schedules. 

I like how busy we are really. Time flies normally when you are busy. E. Kubera is good about having always find new peeps. This is helpful, cause I am not so good on that sometimes. 

Elder MacLeod

Sitting with the Swan Family

Walking on the beach with E. Otene