Sunday, June 14, 2015

2 Weeks worth of roaming

Right. So I missed the previous email, because reasons! but I got one question only to ask EXPLOSIONS!!??

It is more a picture description thing every time, cause I can't remember what we did very well. I taught Seru (2year-old) how to sword fight a bit hahaha.

I skyped, and wandered the mean streets to share the gospel. We have been working hard. I get a new companion next week. That will be interesting. I will officially be planning everything.

We shall see if I can hold the fire of the area.

Anyways, I drew a map, guess what it is. Was I close? I test my memory often will trivial tasks. 

I took a pic in front of a wrap around sulu. I am looking older I think.

Elder MacLeod

Seru is Batman!