Monday, October 12, 2015

Finish to Finish to Finish? - 9 August 2015

I am trying out videos, to see if I can send one, the sizes on movies are massive,
but this one is a waterfall. We pass it nearly everyday.

We started the week on a boat to Viti Levu. While playing rugby, E. Kubera got his foot stabbed by a regular chain-link fence. It was bent into it, so we could not pull it straight-out. Once we got it out, I took him in the church building, E. Hafen was following us, so I sent him back to see if they had any badages, and disinfectant. He returned, and grabbed the first aid from the truck.

Meanwhile, I gave E. Kubera some damp paper towels to clean-out the dirt. Elder Hafen came with the stuff, so we got it disinfected, wrapped it with gauze, and adhesive tape, then returned to what we were doing. Pay attention in first aid classes, I was forced to take this about 6 or 7 times..... I remembered though......

Later in the week, we had Burewai  [Elder Hafen and Elder Otene)] on Ovalau with us 2 days. We had some fun exchanges with many banana smoothies.

On Sunday we had a man who let us share, then his grandchildren sang us a couple songs haha. It was interesting. They definitely memorized more scriptures than I have, but I now have a little book I have been constructing that proves everyone of our principles in the bible. The book is disguised as an Iphone.....

Other instances in the week, include a man with strange interpretations of scripture, accuse me of heresy ha ha It was over a principle shared by Christ, that which the Pharisees said was doctrine of the Devil.... but as it says in 3 Nephi "contention is of the devil", so I resisted the evil.

I am making a new planner. I have done so with 5 gum wrappers! Here is the front picture of it.

Hope you all have great weeks! I get fun an interesting stuff each day, I get to laugh to myself.

Elder MacLeod

Elder Haffen