Monday, October 12, 2015

Zone Meeting - 23 August 2015

I can't remember if I sent this or not, so I thought I would this time. I do not recall much of the week. Lots of road-trips. I spent much time driving from Korovou to Suva. I don't have much time today. We are getting the truck serviced, so I am at the mission office, where I am holding a package! Just in time right? Received the 24th of August.

We had Zone conference. this last week. This is a picture of our zone. Always a good time when there is zone conf. We are rolling more work in. I have not been to the whole area, but I am helping with splitting the area, and will probably be here for the change to a District. Still pending though, no confirmations.....

Sorry not to many pics. We did not do much interesting stuff. We met with people, wandered place to place. I am back into the driving groove now. I think I have got it now.

Elder MacLeod