Sunday, January 24, 2016

Behind the Scenes - 18 October 2015

I have learned all to well that to every performance, there is a crew behind it. Dealing with much stress, and issues even while it goes on to make sure it was a success. There are the performers who have to worry about their part. They have a hyper focus, and are exhausted, but the crew that did all the other stuff is normally about ready to tear their hair out. 

This week, an Australian Documentary crew came do documentary the culture of the church. It will be on PBS in the states I believe. Anyways, they came to be filmed with some missionaries. In the mission it was picked out which Sisters it would be. Problem is they are in 2 different zones, and both training brand new missionaries. Transport and accommodations were planned To move one sister from in a valley to the next zone, put one in the valley, and put the stars together. This had to be moved around for the upkeep of work with experienced missionaries. 

The first couples days were fine. Everything went to plan. Then drama hit. This is where making everyone happy is hard. The one in the valley got sad for missing her baptisms, and was missing her companion. The one she was lift refused to leave the valley again cause it was detrimental to the work. We needed the two together on Sunday to film Gospel Principles class, problem is one complained that she needed to see the confirmations, but she was unable by these means since her temporary companion refused to leave. From the other zone, no complaints came. They were doing great, so Sunday we made travel arrangements with the other zone, and left out recent converts confirmation to the members. We got up picked everyone up, and put people in a way that every one was happy. Our members asked us if we slept in and such, which is unfair to our side, but all the missionaries were happy with the outcome. We sacrificed our time for them, and that is our calling. I sat there the night before thinking about the problem, and laughed about how ridiculous it was, then we decided what action to take.

That was the weeks drama event. There were other tings like Train the Trainers and District Leader Training. Lots of shuttling people, since we have the vehicle. Hopefully we will make it through with enough Ks. We are busy again today, we have to take the missionaries out to Navua. I will email til we go, it may be cut really short.

Elder MacLeod