Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shadow - 22 November 2015

I found Joe! ( Cam will probably be the only one who gets this)
We have been without our vehicle this week, and it has cost me a lot for the administration that is required. It is all good. 
This week I took a missionary with me to the hospital. If you recall while I was in Nakelo I talked about when they gave me an IV drip and morphine in February or march. Well a missionary had caught a similar virus, while they had a baptism, so we did an emergency split. It was like an exchange within an exchange. I was already with another. Well we got it all taken care of, and he is doing good now.
The rest of the time was spent working really hard. We had set a goal for a baptism, but the mother said it was not her choice. Respecting the guardians wishes, w turned to the next possible person. (Side note: Goals set are in this mission a promise, accountability is the principle, just as we are accountable to God in Judgement day, we are held accountable in our mission for helping others.) We have worked really hard to get back to try to hit our goal, and we now will hit our goal this week, with the next most progressing.
Have a(n) great week!
Elder MacLeod