Sunday, January 24, 2016

Roaches Emerge - 17 January 2016

To start this week off, I was hardly with my own companion, because of Train the trainers and exchanges. On one exchange I killed 3 mice in one day, but the next morning killed another, to make 4 within 24 hours. The choice of weapon was 2, 500mL, Fiji water bottles. The first was smashed, the next I barely got which smashed his limbs to where he could not move, the next smashed on the run, then finished off, and the last was in a little empty ice cream container that I flipped over to expose him, then one fatal strike. Water bottles are effective for internal bleeding purposes, no external nastiness.

At another time, (yesterday), we were with the Ba elders, and we were in one room, then we came out, where my companion said, there will probably be 15 roaches in the kitchen. I thought that was an exaggeration, and that maybe 5, then we checked only to find far more than 15. We used a lynx body spray (the variation of axe here) and matches, a wooden spoon and a broom, with a cloth. You will see that there are matches and roaches everywhere. Now they were poisoned, but they were not dying fast enough.

In other news I recently took a picture at the Fiji Water plant. It is within my area. I am sure many of you have seen Fiji Water, here it is cheap. When we tell the Fijians the price in America, they are very surprised. This last week I have spent a lot of time driving these road-trips for meetings and exchanges. I took a picture off the side of the road out to the open ocean. Very nice looking place this side of Fiji.

Elder MacLeod