Sunday, January 24, 2016

Broken Glass, No Books, and a Fresh Start - 20 December 2015

This week was crazy. First thing to know is I was transferred to train a missionary for my last 3 months. I am in the west again in Tavua\ Vatukoula.
The week started fast. We went to Coloisuva, where, while we were gone, some one bashed in a window, and stole my bag, Elder Ita's, and Elder Trail's...... The USB converter hub was inside, but I have back-up methods to that, and all my books were taken: English mini-hymn book, Fijian hymnbook, fijian bible, my Fijian book of Mormon, a lectures on faith book, lots of pamphlets, and some string...... Hopefully they read it all right? The other missionaries lost more valuable money-wise stuff, than I did. I found another Fijian bible in the flat, and am now using it.

I got a call on Tuesday for me to be transferred to Tavua, to train a new missionary. This will probably be my last companion, since he finishes training when I go home. His name is Elder Akaiti. He is from Australia, and his families come from Cook Islands, and Samoa.
There was not much help left for us in the area (I came in with my companion replacing both missionaries, we call it a white wash here), we went around and found a few of the old people being taught, and set 3 baptismal dates in the last 2 days.
Elder Macleod