Sunday, January 24, 2016

T.H.E the hardest ever? - 10 January 2016

This last week we had a baptism. We saw many people, an we are seeing things pick-up for us in the district as a whole. Next month will be so packed full, that time will be gone. This means that every second will count while we are here. This week we have the Train the Trainers meeting, among other. Next week the Temple open house will be for Government officials, and the following will be for the general public, coupled with transfers for the group just ahead of me to go.

Then Feb 6 will be the last day of the open house. The mission will all return to their areas, then Feb 19-22 the mission will all be in Suva except the Rotuma elders. We all would then return to our areas, where it would be a full week, then a ZTM week, followed by the last week for me. A busy schedule, but the time we are back will not be very plenty, so we will have to work smart.
This was a very good week in terms of all around good. Un-stressful, just going forth to do work. I also received my package. It was a nice package, when I had first seen the pillow, I thought it was store bought til I read the letter. Going to have to keep that one. Thanks for the good week!
Elder MacLeod