Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Last Transfer - 24 January 2016

This is transfers week for the mission. I will remain, but this signifies the end. I am reminded constantly, and it is upsetting. I am trying to focus and work hard, but I am repeatedly reminded that "the end is Nye at hand." I just ignore it for now, cause it is easy to just give up and coast through the end, but I ain't about the coasting life.
I did not take much pictures this week, but I have the picture for my last planner. There were exchanges for much of this week. I was in Ba for half the week on exchanges. Lots of traveling again. This week we go to Lautoka again. There is a missionary broadcast for us to attend.
The temple is having an Open house currently. Lots of good comments. We already have one referral from it.
Other things involved dedicating a grave. Now I have done something for a house, and a grave.

Elder MacLeod