Monday, February 15, 2016

Brock Robert Nakulanikoro - 31 January 2016

I met my trainer's yaca for the first time (yaca- namesake). During transfers we stopped by I took a picture with them, and invited them to return. They have long since not gone to church, so I again committed them to go. It was nice to see some old faces again. Then we returned to Ba to finish moving people for transfers.

The other picture in this email, is our district with the former Elder Kumar, now Bro. Kumar. He was the district leader in that district before I got there. The only change that occurred to his district was that we swapped out the sisters.

Other funny things this week was painting Rishi Deo's house. After the first coat the kids were playing, and we were waiting to put the 2nd coat. Well long story short all of Rishi's grandchild now call us "Fufah" which is the hindi word for uncle. So as we were leaving these kids would say "nay jao fufah!" Which is don't go uncle. It is funny cause the younger ones speak straight hindi to us like we know it. I never fully learned that one. I know a few words, and can guess what someone says at times because of context, but majority of the time I just shake my head at appropriate times.
Elder MacLeod

There was a tri-ward fireside in Tavua, we stopped by real quick before driving to Ba.

Sunset picture from the Chapel in Tavua