Sunday, February 21, 2016

TC Winston - 21 February 2016

The week has finished, man was it boring........ The beginning of the week was fast with exchanges with rumors of a cyclone that passed and was coming back. Not much was thought of it.
We later took a bus down to Suva. The next evening we were to stay indoors. Everyone was kept inside for a time. I rushed with the 3 with me to get a news paper. The cyclone was to go straight for Suva. We sat around for a while, waiting for confirmation to go to Samabula. When we got the message we rushed to Suva. President Eyring and Elder Cook came to speak real quickly, then took a photo with us as a mission.

We then had lunch before they put us on a bus to vodafone arena. The original plan was to do it at ANZ arena. We started early to avoid the storm, as we got through a few dances, they said they will be doing the finale, as winds started to pick-up. We went outside to hard rain, and strong winds, able to push a little as you walked. We quickly jumped on a bus, then jumped out as close as it got us to the flat we stayed in. We walked a ways, drenched a little, then sat inside for a time. Luckily that morning we decided to buy food. Most missionaries had no food for Sunday, but we had plenty for ourselves. The curfew caused that no one could leave the flat. We did a session, then returned to the flat and stayed there.

Staying in the flat was not my favorite thing. I just wanted to walk around outside..... I just didn't have enough clothes for that though. Now we can not return. We saw a little bit of pictures of the west..... I am pretty sure we will have water damaged stuff when we return, but that is it for us. I am worried about the SD cards I left in Tavua most haha, then my bags, then the car parked in Lautoka. We will see what happens when we return. This may cause for a change in plans.
Elder MacLeod