Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jurassic Farts and Pink Panther - 13 December 2015

This was quite the week. My companion got a book from home titled Jurassic farts. I read a little. It written, and I feel this is a pen name, but P. U. Ripley........ It mixes science and Dinosaur theory with farts as a technique for defense, and for how extinction came to be. It has electronic sound buttons correlated with the page numbers.
In other news, I found the pink Panther is well.....

We had a talent show after our ZTM. I took pictures, my sd card was close to finished on memory, so only one video of it. The best one was missed , I took a picture of one Elder from the best skit .

 Later on throughout the week we saw the Zone pick up on missionary work. If I remember correctly it was reported that everyone has a baptismal date set. I have a picture of our own personal board of people we teach the lessons with corresponding dates of return or baptism. The greens are set baptismal dates on the side, the purple are dates given for return, or for what we are projecting for baptismal date to give them.
Elder MacLeod