Sunday, January 24, 2016

Passing on the right... - 1 November 2015

In the states this is fine when the lanes permit. In Fiji, it is frowned upon when the leading car is turning. This is demonstrated yesterday. We were just rolling along, going to drop Bro Nawaqasema back at his house after some good visiting, when we flipped on our turn signal. We came to a stop, and awaited the oncoming traffic. We turned slightly to the right to pull into the drive way, when suddenly we were hit by some one trying to pass us on the right. We were shocked by what just happened. We pulled to the side of the road. I started filling out information for the accident immediately.
The other guy called his father. He stayed away from us for the most part. He tried to act in the right, but in all laws I know you can not pass when someone is turning. He tried to say we need to make space on the other side, the officer that took our statement said no they do not. He was trying to say we were making a U-turn. We were pulling into a driveway. He has let everyone go with no citation because our stories puts us in the right, but he won't budge from his, so he ruled it as no one at fault. Only here can someone get away with passing on a turn..... It is alright. If he were to be charged, then Robinson would have to stay, and miss his flight, for evidence stuff.

Any way, we had a busy week, that just topped it off haha. We now have transfers this week, and our biggest van for transfers is in the shop for repairs, and the new group arrives Wednesday. This is causing a bit of stress to the Assistants haha..... No good. We should get it back. They will be fixing just the bumper for now, then after transfers we will be fixing the body, with the door.

I have practiced drawing a little more. I drew a picture of me from before, in our family pictures.



Hope you all had a great week. I get a new companion this week.
Elder MacLeod

 3rd baptism while with Elder Robinson