Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dove - 15 November 2015

Sorry not much pictures this week, I was so distracted I did not take much pictures.

This was a fast week. We were in Navua at the start for an exchange. I was with Elder Harris on exchange. We wandered a while and found one new investigator for them. 

We met with a guy who would not come to church because of transport. Now this instance would not be out of the ordinary in Fiji, just his plan for transport. He stays far, but there is a bus that comes at 7:45 He did not feel like making the 30 minute walk to catch the bus, probably only 20 minutes. Now for those of you who remember I waled 6 1/2 hours to get to church in my last area. I was upset, but I held my tongue haha. He is a member of the church, but says he just goes to the church in their village cause it is close. This is a common issue for us. Many times it is said that the organization does not matter, cause we believe in the same God. This has to be rejected by what the scriptures says. Read 1 Corinthians chapter 1. This is one of my favorite scriptures for this. Paul taught against this mindset. 

Well to continue to his transport plan.... He had a plan to get rich. The church has its schools and the temple using a security company outside...... He told me that this was not smart for the church, cause then the money goes out of the church. Then he told me he would make his own security company cause he has experience. Then that he would hire only members who need money to get to church. He said then the money would just flow in the church by tithing........ Oh how wrong this proposal is...... It is not to be a basis of benefit on money. The cause of his frustration was that he had a plan to get rich, and the church did not follow the proposal, cause that is not what the church does. We have an issue with people always referring us as a rich church. I am sorry to rant...... hahaha....... 

There are good things to this mission. Anything in the bible is accepted as binding for the people. This makes it so someone who has studied well has an edge. Issue is, that is not how we teach. This mission is strange to the point that when someone testifies of our message as true, it is usually an alarm, or a red-flag to us.... We have to reiterate the principle of praying for the answer. We will ask them how they know it is true. They will normally respond by saying that we are the sent of God, and because we bring the word of God, but among the culture that is every churches clergy. They are all referred to as the same. Unless we hear them say that they prayed and know it is true, we don't want to move along, cause then the testimony is not specific to us. It is a declaration that anyone who comes in is true.

This is what we deal with on a regular basis. have a great week though. I am off to help people understand to pray for answers, and explain that God has not changed, though they believe this, they do not understand it....

Elder MacLeod