Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fiji - 25 October 2015

I learned from our assistant today that he titled every email Fiji, cause he did not want to make titles.........

I got a pic in the evening one day... 

This week was a normal week. We had more time to ourselves, but then again not really. We had little planned, and hoped to go around with full-time, but then we were called to do a hand-over ceremony, and do other things. I have accepted the fact long ago that what ever I plan, is not the plan. It is just the back-up to some plan already there that I just can not see.......
I have fun though.

Sorry I have less and less to say these days. I will be going to finally cut my hair today!!!!! YEAH!!!!! It is so long that I had to do my hair slightly different to keep it looking shortish.... I will send a picture of it at its longest since me being a small child.
Have an great week!
Elder MacLeod
Handover of a meeting house