Sunday, January 24, 2016

One dead Frog, overshadowed by a Black-out - 27 December 2015 and Ula, the safe side - 3 January 2016

One dead Frog, overshadowed by a Black-out - 27 December 2015

This week was of course skype week, but as we were back in Tavua later in the week, a frog curiously waited as a giant black round think, called a tire, rolled up at a very slow speed. He sat in awe and wonder as it covered. A loud pop followed, which was as that of a plastic bottle exploding. "What was that," said one missionary to the other;" I think it was the frog," came the reply. The door swung open, "I must see," said the first missionary. "That's gross!" said the second. "Yeah smells too," said the first.

They rushed into their flat as they went to make call-ins. As the missionary was on the phone, he heard he fan get slow, then turn off. His companion in the other room, confused at the flicker of the light. As the first spoke the lights slowly dimmed til it was dark. "Hello?...... Hello? What just happened?" The phone service went out. When it came back a call was made. Many more calls were made to find that the power in all of Fiji went out simultaneously.

Anyways that was about 30 minutes in a nut shell. I think I could write a book eh?

Sorry only one picture this week. One from last week as well. The one with lots of missionaries.
We are in Lautoka today for p-day.

I am sitting in my first area. We will be decently quick today

Elder Macleod

Ula, the safe side - 3 January 2016

I had a funny title cause of something funny, but I forgot it so I will go with this thing.
Well as those of you that look at weather everyday, Cyclone Ula came by hear. It was on the south side, but we are on the north side. Those in my last areas were flooded a bit with hard rain. I was transferred just to miss the storm. Lots of people in Nausori had roofs ripped off their homes. It flooded a bit because of the rain fall to the Rewa river.
For us on this side. The rain stopped just before where we were.
In other news new years is now over. I just got used to writing 2015 on papers, now I have to change it a bit. Luckily if I mess up, it in the same shape. We are going to Lautoka again today. Last week on exchanges,

I saw the first person I baptized. I had heard that missionaries were stopped, by her new fiance, from coming in. I waltz right on in, committed her to prepare for the temple opening, and invited her again to church. With tears in her eyes she remembered to the almost 2 years back, she was excited to still have a chance to got see the temple open house. She agreed, and said she would contact a member about going. I also asked if the current missionaries could come and visit often, where she agreed.
It was nice to see some old faces. The members of the ward have remembered me for all this time. That is uncommon here, since normally your companion will leave, and someone will say," who was the elder, that left to such and such place? What was his name?" then you tell them and they act like they knew all along, but they forgot. I had one member say," hey my husband and I were thinking and talking about you yesterday." It had been a year since I had seen them.

Elder MacLeod