Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tetris - 8 November 2015

The transfer week finished, it was a game of tetris. Missionaries have so many bags.... We got them all to fit somehow (picture below).

This was a quick week, my new companion is Elder 'Ita he is 4 1/2 months after me in the mission. Which means he has 9 months I think left. He is way better at teaching people than I am, that is for sure.
The week was busy with lots of transfers and such, we balanced it all out, and had very little to do this transfer. This was the biggest transfer, but we hardly did anything haha. We finished last time at 4:00, this time at 2:00. We then were able to do some planning, and see some people before the end of the day.
We have our moments of funny stuff through time. We have had the Kadavu elders staying with us for the time while they await to go to a zone conference. I also learned from the new intake, that they read my blog.... They actually did not read anything, they just looked at pictures, and their descriptions...... Thought it would be like so, cause I would skim what I have to say as well. Pictures are far more interesting.
Here is a picture of our zone as well, before the transfer. It will be slightly different now.

Elder MacLeod