Thursday, May 1, 2014

On the 3rd week...

So let me explain this week, I am sorry that nothing exciting happens in Provo. I mean I had a 43 minute flight here, so it is not really very different then home.
I at least brought my journal this time, so that I have a better recall of the week. So, on Saturdays we are to have TRCs where a member speaking our language comes in to pose as an investigator. Tomorrow will be the first one, but I have long since dreaded the day from last Saturday. On Monday, we lost district A.  Tuesday we lost District B and C. This left only districts D and E.
I did not get the package that was sent to me until Monday. It came Saturday, but instead of bringing the note to me, my district leader put it on my bed so I couldn't go get it. Then it was Sunday. It was nice to receive the pictures. (We sent all the new family pictures that we had done before Connor left.) Elder Talimai saw a pic of Caitlin in the book and went crazy.  He was like "Hey Elder MacLeod, your sister is my height , right?"  So I would not really answer his questions, but he would always be like, "No No No No No You sister is my height.  He is Tongan and doesn't have the best English, and he always sounds a bit drunk.  But he is super funny!  I would not worry about me running out of space though cause my carry on is pretty open.
Wednesday, well, it was somewhat frustrating but also funny. So Palelei and I left our classroom on our way to dinner. We got to the card swipe and he realized he didn't have his card. We went back to the classroom quickly, then as we  came back, he decided to run up the stairs. As he did, he tripped and ripped his pants inside crotch seem. Mostly cause he was wearing super tight pants as it is. We went back to the room where he pulled out a pair of pants that were slightly bigger, that he should of worn the whole time.  My companion is Australian.  He calls things different words than what I am used to.  Like napkins are serviettes, drinking fountain is the bubbla, and soda is fizzy.  So I am always laughing at his words.  His goal is to make me lose my American accent, and replace it with an Australian one.
So in the other mission world, I am turning into quite the volleyball player. Since that is one of the sports we are actually allowed to play, and it is big in Fiji, I have only been doing that during Gym time. I have been on the champion team through 6 gym times in a row now.  You know its the Lord making us stronger..... just cause he loves us.

Elder MacLeod