Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm in Fiji!

Hey this has to be brief.  I am here.   Fiji is pretty humid, but it has not been thus far hot. I wouldn't worry about that. I do not know when I will next be emailing. Might be a week.  If so, I got a lot of stuff for it then. It would be a lot less if I had time now. For now, I have orientations, and an interview. Tell everyone I am sorry I didn't get to call, but it makes the call in December so much sweeter.

I took some pics of Fiji of the industrial side, and the "resort get-away" Fiji.  I will send when I can.  Mostly, it has thick leaves and trees. No wonder I saw every dude on the street with a machete. Until next email, ENJOY YOUR WEEK!!!

Elder MacLeod