Friday, May 9, 2014

Departure dates mothers day, and cistis

So this week has been one of the informational background.

Matai (first), I will start with the normal stuff..... metaphorically speaking. This week pretty much later that day the I emailed last time.... My companion wanted a(n) companion inventory. Now, all the missionaries know this is like a review of actions for the day or week. He pretty much used the time to say "I think you should get up on time, cause you are holding me back from the language learning." (which everyone is still on the same page, as to we can all speak a conversation to someone, just not a pretty polished one) yet, I had a head cold last week that gave me such bad headaches that I was bleeding. Honestly, can you find a problem with me besides me being sick?  If so, I can fix it. But nope, he wanted to complain about that.
This week we had scheduled with a gold tag, which is where you teach a hired employee, that is an investigator.  The gold tag is in English... Super extremely easy...   As for the class room, it just takes time with the language.  So, if I had been called on and English mission, it would be pretty easy for me at this point.  I can at least speak the language some.  ( Au rawa ni vosa vakaviti)- I can speak Fijian. Since I have to swap out words and forget English. It would make no sense to say the line "I can at least talk in it." That would be Au rawa ni lailai vosa ena koya. Which grammatically makes no sense. That sentence would now be " I can little/small speak/word/talk on/through/in/at it-as referring to a person."

We also got our flight plan this week. We are all scheduled to leave next Saturday on the 17th. So, I will be passing through a day of no existence to me. I will not live through the day on the 18th. I skip it completely.

Also, we have been told that for the first time ever the MTC will be making calls home on Mothers Day. I have been assigned the time 2:15 to 2:45 which my leaders said I can go over a little bit since the next crew will not be in till 3:00. So, just be waiting at 2:00 to 3:00 on Sunday. I would like to know if I should call the house phone so everyone can be on at the same time or just call mom's cellphone?

Now, as for doctor results. (Connor has had some stomach issues at the MTC and they are doing testing to make sure everything is okay before he leaves for Fiji.) We have come to a partial conclusion. I did some tests where some things came of positive. One was Blasticistis, which you get from drinking dirty water.  So, mostly those in a smaller country get it. Which I do not know where I would have been to drink dirty water, so I don't know on that one. So, I have 9 pills to kill that, but blood came up positive, which no one physically saw any, and there were no white blood cells, so it is probably nothing, but I have to get a colonoscopy just to make sure I do not have crohn's disease. Which they say I most likely don't, but they want to run the test anyway. My disease, known as blasticistis, is coming to its end!!!!!!!

Anyways, my hair looks like it is back to normal now. I am going to get my first haircut of my mission today. It will be back to the normal cut, though. Since I did pretty much have my head shaved at the beginning. (for those who didn't know) Until next week, which will be the day before I leave, then I think My P days will be on Mondays so Friday to monday, and I will being the farthest forward into the future. During then I most likely won't be able to instant chat anymore. Just cause it would still be sunday back home.