Saturday, May 17, 2014

The last MTC week and the last of Branch 52

This week was quite interesting. I would have to say it was the best week. I called home on Mother's Day, which is the first time the MTC has done so ever. I got to call home Wednesday twice. Mixed in with some crazy old dude who reported me and my companion for dumb stuff (which was the first offense so it will be glossed over) and having a near miss with being in heaps of trouble. 

 So, I will start with what I told my family, noqu matavuvale, about, beleta, Friday, Vakaraubuka. On Friday, we went to the gym.  There were not very many of us since all the internationals had just left to temple square for half the day. When we were there the gym instructor asked if he could play with us. We told him he could. About 45 minutes in, he hits the ball straight in playing volleyball, and knocks out a ceiling panel. It came falling to the ground, and shattered the dry dust from the corners. He luckily did not have to pay damages. Now there is just a missing ceiling piece in the Provo MTC, though.

Saturday was pretty normal, Sunday was pretty good. Monday was the next eventful day. On Monday, we had just finished Gym time as normal. We went back to the residence and I went to take a shower. The workers in the building were using some kind of chemical to clean the bathroom on our 2nd bathroom on the floor. They asked me to use the other bathroom and I thought little of it. As I was getting close to finishing my shower the fire alarm goes off. I was thinking it was just a fire drill, so I dried off as fast and best as I could. Threw on my pants, put my collared shirt (unbuttoned on) and grabbed my tie and jacket as I went out the door. As I got to the bottom floor, the guy asked me what floor I was on. I told him I was in the third floor bathroom, and he asked if I saw a fire in there. Apparently the guys in the other bathroom set off the fire alarm.

Tuesday devotional we had Elder Perry. That makes Week 1- Anderson 2-Uchtdorf 3-Oaks 4-Christoferson 5-Holland and 6-Perry. 6 weeks here for 5 Apostles, and 1 of the First Presidency. 

 Wednesday was hospital day. (Connor had to go in for his colonoscopy.) I was put out by anesthesia at about 10:45. I woke up, and they gave me "REAL" Dr. Pepper. At the bookstore, they have decaf. They put it in a cup so I wouldn't get in trouble. Which is not huge trouble that I am talking about. Well, I didn't really feel the after effects of being under, but no expectations were placed on me for the rest of the day. I went to the clinic to get my results, and then was sent to meet with a district president, which if you don't know, these are the presidents that handle reassignments. While talking, we both had concluded I should be fine on going to Fiji. Well we had to call up my mom regardless. After we established the same thought with her, I was granted another 25 minutes to talk with her. After which I went to the front desk and used the calling card and calling pass they gave me Tuesday, and called my sister. Only 5 minutes, though. Later that day, at 8:10 pm we decided to go to the Gym. Most of our district skipped study-time, that I personally didn't have to go to, to go to the gym. Well, I went in and was playing a while then Tui and Hopuu got there. Talimai got there a little while later , but since he is Talimai he gets tagged right away. The gym instructor there recognized him, and then recognized Tui and Hopuu.  The  Sisters were noticed as well, but since, and this is sad that it is this way, I am white so they didn't tag me and my companion. It seemed like we fit in with the crew there. After Gym, we were talking and we lost track of time, so we got reported for being out past 9:30, and it was like 9:39. It was mostly cause it was a grumpy old guy, but you gotta remember that I had no expectations placed on me for the day, so they will gloss over it.

 Later that night, we had gotten to bed, it was about 11:00 when Tui came back in and turned on the lights which woke me and Palelei up. Yet he closed the door and left the room after that. So he didnt even stay.  He just turned on the lights and left. Well, we as a zone have gotten in a lot of trouble lately, so we decided we were not going after him this time. Well Security saw the light on, so he came to check it out.  Pretty much 30 seconds after Tui left, so I thought he just closed his key in. Well Palelei answers the door and it is the security guard. He asked us why the light was on, so we explained what Tui had just done. He pretty much did not let us go to bed till around 12 when he finally found Tui. We had to tell him the places he would be. Third time was the charm. We said the bathroom, he came back, we said the vending machine, he came back, then we said check room 329, and he was in there. So I would say he got justice that night for being insensitive with the light. 

 The next day, everyone caught in the gym had to meet with the district presidents. Our teachers were also notified, and Crummp was so mad he stormed out of the room to cool down. So now Tui can't have anymore trouble or he will be sent home. That was my last week of the MTC, though, because I will leave tomorrow at 3:15. I get on the plain sometime later, and land in LA at around 7:50. I take off at about 11:30 and land at 5:50 in the morning on the 19th in Fiji . I do not know what time that will be in the states, cause the 18th does not exist for me. Until Tuesday, since Monday will be transfer day and Tuesday P-day. All the mondays after that are P-day though.

This brings at end to Branch 52.  10 go to Fiji, 3 go to tonga on the Monday after we leave, 2 go to Tonga on the 28th and 1 to Keribus in June.  The first 10 are in my district.  The next 5 are the Tongan district.  And the last is the Fijian going to Keribus.  My branch dies after we leave because the last three are joining a new branch.

Enjoy the weekend – Elder MacLeod