Friday, May 9, 2014


Best title ever! Or at least fitting, cause the dots.... anyway,

This week has been one of the laguage of *cough* the language *cough* *cough*.

Well that explains it. I got sick Saturday with a head cold. It was giving me some major headaches, bad enough that I was bleeding from them. I was unable to really go anywhere, so this week I mostly sat in bed, which you would think nothing happens, but this is the polynesian island zone.

Elder Talimai nearly was sent home cause he removed the fire extinguisher from the wall. Honestly, I don't know.  The zone has always been doing mock rugby in the hallways. This week Elder Hopuu from Tahiti does jujitsu, so they even were wrestling in the hall. Which the security guard caught them everytime, so we get in a lot of trouble as a zone. By we, I mean me and my companion get counseled on it every Sunday.

Just yesterday, I got up to go to dinner. Afterwards, we went to one of the piano rooms and my teacher randomly checked our classroom and found Hopuu the only one in there, the other three tongans were off on their own. So he found the rest of us, and as usual, I was the only one actually with my comapnion. He then lectured us again on staying with your companion. It was one of those good, better, and best situations, though.

So, let's go to the head cold besides the bleeding headaches coughs, irritated eyes, and overall fatigue. There is a good side to it. I did not have to conform to a schedule for the week. I was also drinking way more water then I usually do, so I was actually hydrated the whole time. The rest of the people in my zone kept thinking I could eat a lot, though. I had no appetite, but they saw fit to pack me dinners in a box that is 3 times the size of the dinner I would get myself. I just gave it to them every night to keep them quiet and make sure we didn't run into security again.

That's all for this week. Just gotta think about when there is so much at stake. See yas

 This picture is my whole zone now minus me and my companion since we are taking pics, with Bro. Coombs.